Good luck sweetheart, day #67


This blog will be totally dedicated to my lovely and wonderful girl who, after three hard years of studying and working, will be starting her new job tomorrow! Three hard years are slowly coming to an end. Three years where we didn’t really see each other for sometimes as long as 72 hours are almost done. I can only say: finally! And of course: congratulations πŸ™‚

It has been a hard path we followed for the last three years. I think that most of it is due to me, but I won’t take all the credit as I know GF has made her mistakes as well. But that is the way we live and grow. We learn from our mistakes, or at least that is what is said about it. It had been a test for sure. But we made it through. Not without fights, anger, jealousy, fear, pain and extreme tiredness. Not without long, difficult talks about it all. But we made it. It’s almost over. But the end of it all is arriving and she/we is/are standing on the threshold of a new beginning.

I can only imagine how scary it will be for GF tomorrow. I know she and I are socially very different and I can see her becoming a valued member of her new team very quickly. I know she can do it. She had studied hard and she is bright and eager to learn new things. I have all my faith in her, as far as this goes, that she will quickly succeed.

I have blogged about not understanding her sadness for leaving her internship, for leaving that fa(s)t food restaurant (Tuesday evening is her last shift there, jippie!!!). I saw MsLeftie responded to it. And I can write that she liked it there, to a certain point of course as it was not what she wanted to do the rest of her life, hence her study. She told me some people were nice and she has had some fun. But it wasn’t all that glamorous and I hope she will be able to adapt to her new lifestyle too. Because this means she will work regular times, get a very nice pay and we will have our weekends together back!

I will still work my three shifts though, but it means that when I work a late shift, I will be able to spend the whole weekend with her. And when we’re spending some nice quality time together, she won’t be getting calls every time to ask if she can please come to work because…bla bla bla… No more worries if she can work enough hours to pay her bills. But also no more weeks where I won’t be able to see her for days at a time because she works 40 hours at her internship and then 24 or so more at the fa(s)t food thingie… The not spending time together, plus the awful smell of fat, broke me many times.

The biggest fight about that luckily did make some difference. She worked 160 hours a month at her internship. Then she reached the 90 hours per month at the fa(s)t food thingie. I worked 160 hours a month, divided in shifts. So time together could be scarce to say the least. So when we did have some time together, I was clingy and needy. She got mad with me for demanding so much time of her. So I did some math, of course, to “show” her how demanding I really was.
Her internship hours were from 8:30 till 17. Before she got home, it would be 17:30. She worked about 24 hours a week at the food thing. Divided over an average of four shifts, often both weekend days for sure, 4 to 6 hours after two days of internship and 6 to 8 hours on Saturday and Sunday. But together it were approximately 64 hours a week…including the weekends.
My shifts, I didn’t work night shifts at the time of the argument, were 5:30 to 14 and 14 to 22:30. When I have the morning shift, bed calls me between 20 and 21 o’clock.
So well, I made her see that, when one sleeps an average of 7 hours a day (I often sleep 6, GF needs at least 8), there were 17 hours a day we spend awake. That is 119 hours a week. She worked 64 of them, leaving 55 hours. That may still sounds like a lot, but due to my shifts and her irregular food work shifts, we missed out a lot of each others lives. She came to see she didn’t need so many working hours to be able to pay her bills. So finally she saw what I meant and reduced her working hours to an average of 15 a week. It worked well for the both us and things started to be a bit better between us again.

The irregular hours, the calls for extra work, they were extremely hard on me. I plan. I hate changes. I need a decent warning. Not last minute. I can’t handle that. And that is what we have been dealing with for three years. But no more. “Freedom” is calling our names. Time together. Fun together. Love together.

With this post I am wishing her all the best (and hope that it’ll include me as well). I hope that these three had years have gotten her the job she desired. I hope the job will satisfy her “working and financial” needs.

I love you my dear and you make me super proud! Big hugs, LW xxx

From a proud Wallflower with luv.



~ by Lonely Wallflower on April 22, 2012.

3 Responses to “Good luck sweetheart, day #67”

  1. I am curious as to what GF studied for three years?

    I admit working in anything food related is my worst nightmare, my first part time job when I was 14 was in a cafe within an aquarium, I was stood up all day from 7am until 8pm with a break for 20 minutes, they paid me Β£10 for a day, which was pure slave labour – I never went back! My second job at the age of 16 was in a cafe of the local supermarket, better pay but I hated the job, for some reason working around food is something I detest! Then at the age of 19 I worked in the canteen of another supermarket, much better but the supervisor did not like me and she cancelled my planned holidays the day I was due to finish for two weeks, I told her to stuff her job and never went back!

    Of course, most of the above jobs were long before the minimum wage came into force in the UK, which is still in my mind not enough to live on! I look forward to being a student again next year, but realise it will be hard to live on what money I get, and I hope to work P/T also through my studies!

    My best job was working nights at the airport, for six months one summer, I did four nights on four nights off, and I loved it!

    Good luck to GF in her new career!

    • Hello there both!

      LW: Tnx for the so sweet post. I am very scared to start my first day but on the other hand I am sooo looking forward to it. Something new, Something I wanted. Hope it will turn out the way I want it to. And in the end of the day I’ll be spending the evening with you. That’s a good thing to look forward to.

      MsLeftie thank you for the good luck wishes. I will make a post about my studie in this week (when I find the time because I am spending alot of time with LW since I really have to catch up on that). What I can tell you now is that I did a study of 4 years in 3 years. It’s called: Manager logistics and transports. In my new job I’ll be a employee logistics junior. The fast food thingie I worked helped me pay all this for 3 years and I build a working relationship there with a lot of people. I laughed and cried there, burned my arms a few times (to many), cut myself a few times (to much) and some of them are still scares. But more of that in my post I’ll be writing soon

      Well… Let our lifes begin!!!!



  2. Hoping GF had a great first day today and will feel happy and at home at new job. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll do great πŸ™‚

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