A blog a day, day #68


A blog a day
Some times it takes my words away
And I forget what I wanted to say
So I’ll just babble and be OK

A blog by me
For all who are interested to see
And I hope that I’ll be
Interesting enough for thee

A blog so mental
As it’s owner
As it’s writer
Open and free

A blog so open
It helps me to cope
When sliding down my slope
When I feel so doped

A blog, I sometimes cry
But I will never lie
And I wouldn’t even try
I would rather die

A blog, so pure of heart
A place where I did start
To share it all, my part
I play open card

A blog a day, I do my best
To be open and always honest
To share my wicked mind’s rambles
All my silly stupid shambles

I started this blog as a place to share information. Share my journey from feeling different towards getting several diagnoses of mental illnesses. A place to vent, a place to share, a place to ask for advise. Thanks everyone for reading my wicked mind’s thoughts. Thanks for supporting through comments and likes.

There are times I feel like I can do anything and everything. Times I feel I am pretty and worthy.
And then there are the times I feel the direct opposite.
There are times when I doubt my feelings, my (non)social skills, my everything…
Times when I can’t find words to express my feelings. When I “just” like posts made by friends instead of being able to comment as well.
Times when I can’t stop my thoughts and I’d wish I would be able to put all those thoughts to paper/pc because I will never be able to remember them long enough to save them for ever.

Sending you much love, hugs, support and care. All the best, LW


~ by Lonely Wallflower on April 24, 2012.

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