day #75

Don't Panic

After a few days of writing only short posts, though I explained their shortness, and not weighing, I believe I explained that in the short post somewhere… I will try to be back. I mean, write posts over 100 words and all.

On one hand I feel bad for not writing any decent posts but on the other hand, there was a good and positive reason for it all: a nice birthday weekend. Even though it’s still 11 days until I age again, GF and I celebrated it a bit earlier do to all other plans.

Walt Disney & MickeyIt was a good weekend. I have had fun. Of course I encountered some difficulties as well, but knowing me, that was to be expected. I did my best but there were some moments where I wasn’t at my best behavior. I do hope that my bad behavior didn’t cast too big a shadow over my good behavior.

When it was finally time on Saturday to give GF the prezzie I got her, together with BF and my mum, I was very nervous. I filmed her, tried to focus on her face, her facial expressions, while she was going through the booklet. I made a booklet through a print service. I downloaded some Disney pics and used the ones I had made on previous occasions. I started with my first visit, taking GF on a journey through my Disney visits. And in the end, I inform her that she is invited to come to Disneyland Paris with us for 3 days, 2 nights and we will be staying at the Newport Bay Hotel, at the Admirals Floor Glimlach I really liked her reaction and she was very, very happy with her prezzie. Which I had no doubt about, but still, I was a bit nervous all the same…

DisneyParisCastleBut the people that came were more than we expected and we were very pleased of how it all went. On Friday we’d been very busy in the kitchen, with the help of a dear friend, and we shared many laughs! I really needed that. But it also meant that, while having fun, I didn’t have the time to write. And to be honest, if I hadn’t made a promise of a blog a day, I guess I would not even have bothered to write anything at all!

And now, I am watching Lord of the Rings, the Return of the King, Blu-Ray extended, disc 1 in the background and it is very distracting. But I just Rood hart these Filmstrook movies!

Well, this post is much longer than the previous one. And better decorated, I may add. It is soon time to go to bed. The first working day already behind me. As today was Queen’s day in the Netherlands, I got more pay Glimlach Hehe… But I will also get my pay a day later this week due to it, seeing not everyone was working today. Many people celebrate it, I’d rather work to save up some money for FedCon and Disney Emoticon met brede lach

Hope you all had a nice Monday.

From Lonely Wallflower with luv Rode roos

~ by Lonely Wallflower on May 1, 2012.

3 Responses to “day #75”

  1. Always wanted to go to Disneyland Paris… thinking of short break holiday later in the year but I am drawn to Malmö again, I really enjoyed my visit there last year… should a nice city!

  2. Ofcourse she was happy, it’s friggin’ Disneyland!!! What’s not to love about Disneyland??? Unfortunately the opening hours for next month aren’t available yet, but since the park (not the studios park, just Disneyland) was open until 10 pm every day for the past weeks I’m sure the park will be open at least that late when you’re there (probably even later coz it has to be dark for Dreams). And since you’ll be staying in a Disney hotel you’ll be getting the extra magic hours as well! So that’s anonther 2 extra hours. Just imagine, at least 14 hours of Disney fun and magic…. *sigh* I want to go back!

    Oh, and if anything, just be sure to catch Dreams at least once, it is sooooooooooooo beautiful!

    • Was planning on seeing Dreams for sure! And you could come with us 😉 Just buy day tickets… And bring a sleeping mattress and bag and we’ll sneak off some breakfast for you… I guess no one will mind hihi… I am already really excited 😀

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