Take it away, day #77


I wish I could face your fears
See your smile instead of tears
Hold you close to me, so near
Because I love you, my dear

I wish I could chase away the cloud
So you can finally be proud
So you dare to say it all out loud
And there will be no doubt

I wish upon a star
So you can see it where you are
However near or far
May it lead you through your inner war

I wish nothing but the best
So you can lay your head to rest
Put your heart up to the test
May you feel forever blessed

I wish I could forever borrow
All your pain and your sorrow
So there will be a good tomorrow
So that your happiness will glow

Many wishes, all for you
All because my love is true
And deep inside you know I do
I’ll always come to your rescue

© Lonely Wallflower, May 3rd 2012


~ by Lonely Wallflower on May 3, 2012.

4 Responses to “Take it away, day #77”

  1. beautiful xxx

  2. Love the words and the picture.

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