a blog a day #83 guestpost

hello everybody,

I am girlfriend. wallflower is lying next to me and we are watching ‘maid in Manhattan’ before it is time for her to go to sleep. she has the early shift this week which means less time for us together. she asked me if I could write a post about today so here it is.

today went very well. I woke up earlier today, not as early as wallflower, but still it is earlier than when I have to go to work. Today was a schoolday for me. We did the preps for our end presentation which will be Tuesday next week at 9:00 am. I had hoped that it would take the whole, at least ’till 3pm so I could go home afterwards but no… at 11.40am I walked to the car. My boss had asked me if I could work after school if I was done early. I agreed to that but now I felt bad about it. I looked forward to spending some more time with Wallflower today. But not today…. Well… actually that isn’t completely true. I agreed with my boss that I could leave around 4pm because I had to do a lot for school (which wasn’t a lie).

I had a feeling Wallflower wasn’t feeling very well today. She whatsapped me a few times that time went very slowely. She also told me that on one side she felt relieved that her colleague was there today, on the other side she did not like it. I think that, besides it was hard for her to do all the work on her own, she liked it. Maybe she wasn’t that sure about herself but she managed, she got through the day. I think she can be very proud of herself by doing all those things on her own.

Wallflower was happy that I left work at 4pm. It gave us a little more time (and some hard work tonight for me because I have to do the schoolstuff before going to bed tonight). But it is worth it. Tomorrow I won’t see her (maybe) because I have to go to school again after work. So with some bad luck she will be sleeping when I get home.

Well folks, I am going to do some schoolwork and then it’s time for some sleep. Wallflower is sleeping already so I am sititng downstairs with the laptop (instead of the tab I started with).

Sleep well Wallflower, my love. I wish for some time for us together tomorrow.

Have a good night/day everybody. Thanks for reading.




~ by ILoveWallflower on May 8, 2012.

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