Wednesday, third blog this week, day #84

Hello everyone,

I hope you liked my GF’s guest blog post yesterday. I was too tired, too be honest I feel even more blah now, too write. Right now, many muscles ache. I need some painkillers before trying to fall asleep. I sleep very restless and due to this being an early week shift… Early alarm as well. I have been a bit productive though, as I made a self mixed (I chose and mixed the songs from my HD) CD for her. I hope she likes it and will be able to relax a bit when she listens to it (and hopefully think of me at the same time as well). My muscles are screaming for painkillers. So I will take some and then hope they kick in fast.

Tomorrow…my last day as 31 year old….

Have a good night/day, from LW with luv!

~ by Lonely Wallflower on May 9, 2012.

One Response to “Wednesday, third blog this week, day #84”

  1. hello dear

    I listened to rhe cd and I love it. it is indeed a restfull cd. thanks

    love you


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