#84, remember me

Hello people,

Remember me?? Here I am again. Wallflower is sleeping (I hope) and I am upstairs with my laptop on my lap. Maybe that’s why it’s called a LAPtop. Because it’s now on top of my lap. hmmm. you agree? That’s nice.

Hope Wallflower will sleep a bit better with less nightmerries. Maybe I should put a scarecrow next to the bed, maybe the nightmerries will go away. (just for the record I know it’s called nightmares but in the Netherlands we say “nachtmerries” and “merries” is the Dutch word for a female horse). Wallflower is sleeping bad the last few days, weeks, maybe even months. I am really worried about it. So lets all keep our fingers crossed tonight for her getting enough sleep to celabrate her b-day tomorrow.

Yes people, tomorrow she will be a year older. Wel actually it’s only a day older but that one day will make a whole year… So sweety, when you read this, tomorrow, after enough sleep (and all the people crossing their fingers all night will have some cramped fingers whole day long, sorry about that people!!), I wish you all the best! Happy birthday sweety. Enjoy your day of work and remember what I told you. You still look as hot as you looked in 2006. O wait… I did not tell you that. well…. now I did. Love you sweeety.

hmm… I am reading back my post and I am smiling. I hope you people smile with me while reading this. It’s been a while since I smiled. But… I have something to celebrate as well. Today I had my talk with the guy from my school and my (ex) boss from my internship and I made it through the talk. Which brings me one step closer to ending my education. More about that in my own blog. (which you find in the sidebar on the… uh… right I think for people who are interested).

But enough about me, I have my own blog to babble about myself. This is wallflowers blog so it’s not the place to talk about myself. But on the other side… Wallflower asked me to blog on her blog for her. So why can’t I talk a bit about myself right?

Hmmm… what else is there to talk about. tralalalala….

O wait, did I tell you about…. uh….I guess there isn’t much to tell you people about. So I think I will end this babble and start a game or something to relax before going to sleep. I hear thunder outside so hopefully I will be able to sleep when I want to go to sleep. Wallflower seems to be sleeping through it all so that’s a good thing. And without the jokes: I am really worried about her sleepingpatern. Just don’t know what to do about it.

Sleep tight everybody.




~ by ILoveWallflower on May 10, 2012.

4 Responses to “#84, remember me”

  1. Happy Birthday x

  2. Thanks for this lovely blog dear. I am doing my best to have a good birthday. Got up at 4:15, been working from 5:30 and twisted my right leg/muscle an hour ago. Painkillers ain’t killing much so now I hope I can leave an hour earlier because it frakking hurts… But thanks for this lovely post, me likey a lot! Luv ya!

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