Two to go, day #88


And here I am again. Back at work, ready for the second night. Feeling tired already as I slept less than 6 hours… And I slept badly. Restless. Two toilet visits. So well, feeling tired now and I haven’t even started working yet.

But fortunately it’s not stressful busy and I can take it easy. The first hour and a half are done already, just five and a half to go before I can head home again.

When I got home this morning, BF was in a hurry so I walked with the little brown girl. There was a nice sunrise, but it was chilly, only 5 degrees Celsius. But I made some nice pictures.

GF made a GP appointment, again, for my frakking elbow. It keeps hurting me and if I don’t take painkillers before going to bed, which I forgot last night, I sleep badly with pain. I already sleep badly. Last “night”, as it were day already, I had nightmares again, on top of the pain.
I woke up and felt so angry with GF. I could remember that she made a deal with me and she broke it by also making the same deal with a friend of hers… And she had totally forgotten about me… I can’t remember any details, I just felt so angry. Then, after a toilet brake, I went back to bed. And woke up an hour and a half later in pain, totally sweaty and feeling like I could still sleep but didn’t want to anymore.
I was too “scared” for more nightmares. I can not rest while having those bad dreams. So I decided to pop in a DVD (Ice Age) and slowly wake up while watching Scrat follow his nut…

I got up and decided to get dressed and make myself some lunch. I even weighed myself but no surprises there… While prepping my food, BF called. He always calls at the best possible times. He needed some scans. I could not scan but made pictures and send those. He was quite happy with them so well…after a while I could finally finish my lunch…


First I finished Bridget Jones, the edge of reason, and then I decided to take my Harry Potter book to the sun in the garden. Read about 100 pages so made good progress. The sun was nice, reading was nice as well so I had a double nice time.

Only missed chatting to GF. I was awake during her normal break time and as I had no long message of her, I hoped I was at least awake in time to chat. But too bad, I missed out… 😦

So I enjoyed reading and the sunshine. When GF got home, we walked with our brown girl and then we made some dinner and watched a movie. After that we started watching the Dexter DVDs we borrowed from my parents. And then… back to work.

The last break is almost over so I post this and get back to work. Have a nice day and thanks for your interest!

From LW with luv!


~ by Lonely Wallflower on May 15, 2012.

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