Dark clouds, short nights… day #89


Just another day. Last night shift. Slept about 15 hours in the last 3 “nights”, so I am sure to go to bed with a sleeping pill this morning… I really need some deep, restful, sleep. I feel dead tired and I have to go on. When GF and I are at FedCon, it will be hard enough to get some decent sleep as well. Monday morning early shift at work and I’m probably chef again… Zombie chef that will be me! Haha…

Dark clouds gather above my head
Nightmares accompany me in bed
Many thoughts that make me sad
These things all drive me mad

Dark clouds roll and thunder
I can’t focus, so I blunder
I’m going down, I’m going under
I fall apart, I fall asunder

Dark clouds, thunder and lightning
So much force, oh so frightening
My throat is slowly tightening
My face like a ghost, whitening

I need the sun, warm and shining
Behind the clouds, a silver lining
No more sadness, no more whining
All the world would be redefining

Dark clouds slowly drifting away
Wishing the sunshine is here to stay
Let’s all go out to play
Let’s enjoy, come what may…

© Lonely Wallflower, May 16th2012

Wishing you all a good Wednesday.

From LW with luv!

~ by Lonely Wallflower on May 16, 2012.

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