Blacked out and bruised!


Scary! Freaked out, unbelievable scared! Never experienced this before and hope I never will again. Still wondering how this could happen. GF thinks it’s all highly logical but I am still shaking inside thinking about what happened. What did happen?! You might wonder now… Well, this…

I had been working the night shift at work. Didn’t get too much sleep during the day time so I was very happy when it was quiet and we could go home early during our last night. It took me a while to fall asleep. Then around 8:30 GF called out to me. She tried out our new bread knife and it was super sharp! So she cut herself and was bleeding. Normally, blood doesn’t matter to me, but when I got up and to the kitchen I got dizzy. Told GF I needed to sit down for a sec. I started walking towards the couch and the next thing I remember is a faint crashing sound and then laying on the ground, wondering why there was a candle under my hand… When things got focused again I felt pain everywhere and noticed I had tears in my eyes.
GF was next to me, really worried and I just wondered WHY I was on the floor and why it hurt so much…

She was putting my body into the stable position when I really came around. She looked so worried and scared. And I told her to hold her cut finger up… And asked what happened. She told me what I remembered, that I said I was dizzy and needed to sit down for a sec. I started walking, walked by the couch and kept on walking right into our cabinet. The bang I heard from far away was actually me crashing into the cabinet. I then fell down on the TV (which luckily still works!) and the table.
She helped me on our bed and I told her my side hurt. I kept on breathing like I was hyper ventilating and she checked my left side. It already was coloring red and blue. GF went to get a cool-aid. My head kept spinning. It hurt so much. My right shoulder also hurt. So while I was holding the cool-aid, she checked my shoulder. It had a huge red scratch on it, about 5cm. She also saw a small cut under the left side of my jaw. I couldn’t get my breathing to normal so GF called the GP. I could come immediately. GF texted her boss, explaining what happened and we were off to the GP.

We were called in very quickly and the doc examined me. To be sure, we had to go to the hospital for a chest X-ray. So off we went. They were also quick and fortunately we were out fast. There was nothing broken or badly damaged, besides my ego, and all I had were two bruised ribs and some smaller bruises caused by my fall.

So we went back home. Me with painkillers on the couch and GF needed to go to work. I put on a DVD and fell asleep for short periods of time while watching it. I immediately noticed when the meds weren’t working properly anymore because the pain kicked in straight away! So it seemed like ages passed by before GF came home again.

This all happened last Friday, so it’s been almost 4,5 days now, and my bruised are turning to a greenish yellow coloring. My right shoulder is slowly healing and sleeping gets a little bit better due to the bruises starting to heal as well. GF won’t allow me to go out by myself yet, as I still experience some dizziness at times.

Hope I’ll feel better soon as being in pain ain’t fun…

I really scared myself and I keep wondering how my brain could have shut down as it did. It still scares me, to be honest..

Hope you all had a better Easter than I had 😉

From Wallflower with luv!


~ by Lonely Wallflower on April 2, 2013.

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