What are my dreams?

What are my goals?
What do I wish to achieve?


What are my dreams?

These are important questions that are being asked in “the Magic”  by Rhonda Byrne. Because in order to get what you want, need or desire,  you will need to know what your dreams are. You can’t reach what you don’t set out for.

So,  what are my dreams? And of course I have to keep in mind that those dreams should be real, not merely just that, dreams.

I would love to feel less pain, be better in control of my mental issues and maybe find a job that suits me and pays well.
If the pain and mental disorders can’t be more in control, then I would love the freedom of having a social wellcare package (as I have worked hard and long for many years) and with that, I would love to be kept alone. No more bugging me, no more tests, no more poking and asking and… Well, I guess you get what I mean now.

Are these dreams real? Could either of them be achieved? I’d like to think so, yes. What do you think? Am I asking too much or?

PS. update due to typo on my image…

~ by Lonely Wallflower on May 2, 2015.

4 Responses to “What are my dreams?”

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  2. No your not asking for a lot, and it will be told to in the book. Everything you are asking for here, will be treated 😀

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