Counting my blessings

I have shared with you yesterday that I was reading “the Magic” by Rhonda Rhymes. I have now come to the point where I am on day one, so exercise one.

Counting my blessings.


As the exercise tells me I need to write it all down, I thought this was the perfect place for it. Sharing my magical journey, my magical experiment, into the world of blessings, happiness and joy.

I need to write down not only ten blessings but also the reason why they make me feel blessed. So, let’s give this a try/go!

  1. I am truly blessed to have my wife because she is always there for me. Through good days and bad ones, she is at my side helping me through it all.
  2. I am truly happy to have a lovely dog in my life because she never makes me feel alone/lonely. She’s always there, trying to get what she wants, she can get my mind of things and get me out of the house on bad days.
  3. I am truly happy to have some dear friends in my life because they accept me as I am and try to understand me when I am being different. I don’t want many friends, I’d rather have these few that I know I can count on.
  4. I am truly blessed with all my gadgets. My list is almost complete and I am happy to have these marvelous electronic “toys”. They keep me connected to the world so I can reach out when I am home with the dog and starting to feel alone. They help me be creative in my way and help me to show it to others.
  5. I am truly blessed with my eyes and ears. This might sound silly, but they help me connect. They help me enjoy music, movies, photos and so on. They help me to take my pictures the way that I do. They help me to understand the world a bit better.
  6. I am truly happy to have a place to call home, even though it isn’t my dream home. My stuff is in here, safe with me and my wife and dog. It provides shelter and gives warmth. Just also lots of noise and not enough space. But I am really grateful that we do have a (crappy) place to call home.
  7. I am truly blessed that we have enough money to live our lives. Of course we have dreams where we need more money to achieve them, but for the daily stuff, we do nicely. There is food, drinks, clothing, the dog, gadgets, a place to call home. All due to the money.
  8. I am truly happy for being able to express my feelings, to be able to learn to deal with my differences and difficulties. I am truly happy I am not alone on this journey. Because without this journey I would never learn, I would not be able to deal and cope.
  9. I am truly blessed that I did not take my own life a few years ago. Even though things might suck a lot now, I know there will be better times ahead. Though not being able to see when, where and what they will bring, I know with the blessed things I mentioned earlier, I will be OK. I will overcome the deepest darkness, again and again, because I can. Because I am worth it, because others who care for me are worth it.
  10. I am truly grateful for the acceptance, understanding and love I am receiving from many people surrounding me. Not only my wife and family  but also the dear friends and people who truly try to help me professionally. I am grateful they do not give up upon me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Pff this wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. The first few flew out without even needing to think twice about it, but to really be happy, be grateful and to be able to explain why, it is hard… But here it is, my list.

Whadda ya think?

I will be back folks, I am off to enjoy some World of Warcraft time this Sunday, together with my wife.

Love, LW

PS. the images are found on the WWW, edited by myself in Pixlr and the quotes I added come from “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne, from the chapter this exercise is about.

~ by Lonely Wallflower on May 3, 2015.

12 Responses to “Counting my blessings”

  1. I’m so happy to read this! Do you know that? Without telling you what i think of this list, it’s YOUR list! And you’re thankfull, just keep on reading, day by day, know I am not doing all the things every single day, but every 2 days or so, so i can reflect, you will find it all as you read on and do the things she is asking you to do. It will be magic, as i am on day 22 by now, and a lot of good things has happend already.


    • Thankies!
      And well, I will try to keep up, so I hope it will keep triggering me to keep reading. Due to the mental issues, I can just be uninterested and never pick it up again. So I hope it will inspire me every time I pick it up. I hope it will know how to interest me to the very last page. I hope it will be as much as it promises to be… That is also the reason why I keep hoping for the positive triggers. To keep going on.
      Too often has my mind been “un-triggered”, uninterested and I just dropped the whole thing and never looked back. I know this about me and well… Hope hope and more hope, as I do like it so far.
      Hoping also that lots of good things will happen to both of us as we continue the journey through our dreams, hopes and above all, our magic!
      Thanks for the advise, already got the other books for the e-reader as well… 🙂
      xXx LW

      • LOL, funny thing is, when you do keep on reading, you will find out that hope is so wrong, hope won’t take you anywere, if you want to find out? Just keep on reading, let me trigger you for as long as i can, i will do so 😛 😉 X

      • Triggers are more needed than hope, but I know me and my doings, so that is why I was hoping for triggers. Does that make any sense??? Hahaha!
        Thanks a lot!!!
        :-* xXx LW

      • Yes it does 😉 trust me 😀 When you think something is not meant for you, you will give up, does that sound familair? 😉

      • Yes or when something just “becomes uninteresting”. Does that sound familiar? When it just doesn’t pull you into it anymore… And with my mental issues, those things happen rather often… So I know about but still, if it happens, I can’t stop it… :-s

      • Yes you can, i know, selfasteem 😉 it will be allright, even if you will quit along the way… but i think you will pull it trough.

      • And I know I am not alone, I have peeps supporting me, pushing against my big @$$ is I dare to back out… 😉

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  3. I am very proud of you my dear! You are doing better and better. If you ever need me in anyway… well… I don’t think I have to tell you. I love you!

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