Counting my blessings, #2

As I mentioned on my Dutch blog yesterday, well, last night, my pc died… I was enjoying a nice game of World of Warcraft and all of a sudden… It died… It just shut down. I was shocked, agitated, hurt and in the end… I felt grateful. Since the pc was ordered because I thought my laptop was dying. And for once, my ex was fast and fixed the laptop even before the new pc arrived. So even though I was pissed that the pc died just hours after me finishing the last software installations… I was grateful for my ex fixing my laptop.

Friday evening, the pc was still working…

I was wondering if I could write the list of 10 grateful things today. As my feelings are still mixed and I had a bad night. But I am willing to give it a shot and see how far I am getting… But, trying to change to positive thoughts, here I go!

  1. I am truly grateful that my ex took the time to fix my laptop within 24 hours after it died. Now I have a working laptop while my pc is waiting to be sent back and exchanged for a working one…
  2. I am truly grateful for the few hours of sleep I got last night because I was scared I wouldn’t be able to sleep after the blow of the dead pc. Now I am rested for a bit which helps me think more clearly.
  3. I am truly happy that I have enough other gadgets, DVD’s and Blu-rays, they help me keep my mind of the negative things, they help to keep me occupied or they help to get me to relax.
  4. I am truly blessed that the weather is changing a bit, because it is better for me to breathe now and my hands hurt a little less.
  5. I am truly happy that I gave my wife her birthday present (it is her 28th B-day today) a little early, since she is enjoying it lots and it helps her, which makes me happy to notice that.
  6. I am (still) truly grateful for the dog we have, since now I have to leave the house. Otherwise I guess I would stay in all day… This is better for me, leaving the house, so I am grateful for it.
  7. I am (still) truly grateful and blessed to have my wife in my life. She truly is my lifesaver, my buoy in the rough sea, my help, my rock, my everything…
  8. I am (still) truly grateful for my dear friends, to whom I can vent when the goings get rough and who will help me and steer me in the right direction.
  9. I am truly grateful for the upcoming weekends away with friends and family. Really looking forward to spending some quality time with them, relaxing in a different scene.
  10. I am truly happy about not needing to work at the moment. The way I have been feeling lately would have made work a hell, as some days are rough enough without the need of extra obligations. The reasons for not needing to work suck, but the result at the moment is very welcome.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


This quote is from “The Magic”, in the chapter about day two and its exercise. About needing a stone, and well, this scarab is made of stone and has a special meaning to me. So for those exercises I will use this little blue “stone”.

Thanks for your interest and see you at the next blog!

Love, LW Rode roos


~ by Lonely Wallflower on May 4, 2015.

4 Responses to “Counting my blessings, #2”

  1. […] Het lijkt wel een stappenplan van verwerking. Maar dan net even anders. Ik twijfel, zal ik toch gaan proberen om tien dingen op te noemen waar ik dankbaar voor ben? Gister had ik het op mijn Engelstalige blog gezet, dus ik denk dat ik het daar weer zal plaatsen, als het me lukt. En het is me gelukt, het “bewijs” vind je hier. […]

  2. I am so happy that you went going, as i was thinking, you may count many the same blessings iin every day, like your family and friend and your wife for instance, mostly i open with those, because they are a blessing every single day! And along the way, you will notice that you are thankfull for the things that just happend. Opening with those the next day 😀

    And the purpose is to keep on seeing the blessings you have while something like your laptop dying on you. To see all the other stuff that IS going well in your life. We all have those days, and they will remain every now and then, but it’s the mind and your blessings who can turn it around.

    If it was another day another space in time… would your ex made that laptop so fast for you? Before you started day 1 of counting your blessings?

    • Thanks for the looong anwer. Yeah, I did my list, checked it twice… Nah, just kidding. Checked it only once. The thing is, my ex did fix my laptop before I started the book… Hihi… But I really thanked him for it, twice and now the PC died I am even more grateful because I am still connected to the WWW 🙂
      I am happy that I can re-use my happiness blessings and all, as 10 new ones every day is very very very hard me thinks…
      But tomorrow, day number 3, so we’ll see about that 😉
      Thanks hun, luv LW xx

  3. Again a wonderful job sweety. I am so proud of you. You are my rock as well, my everything. Xxx

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