Magical Relationships, Day #1

Day 3 of “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne contains of doing 3 exercises. First you start with yet another “10 things to be grateful for” list. Then, a new assignment, one I will start with now.
I had to chose 3 people who mean a lot to me in my life. Which was hard because there were/are more than 3 I would love to mention. But maybe later on, I can include them… Who knows how the book will develop (besides Morgaine, who skips forward because she is too curious, haha)?
Of these three people I needed to find a picture. These pictures need to be worn on me, with me, so I guess I need to do some printing tomorrow… But now I put them online, so they are with me as well, digitalized on my cellphone.

I chose 3, with one extra mention. My mum. Her picture (of her and our dog when she was 4 weeks old) got the quote that was mentioned in the book in this chapter.


And then now, the 3 people I chose. I won’t use their names, as was mentioned in the book, as this is a anonymous blog and that should count for people I mention as well… They should keep their anonymity.

All pictures below were made on April 1st 2014, our wedding day.


Number one, my wife (I would want to add: of course)…
Number two, my best friend since I was aged 14 (almost 21 years now!)
Number three, a very dear friend whom I count to one of my closest friends

There are more dear, lovely, helpful and understanding friends, but the exercise said three people so I am sorry I could not include you all….

The exercise tells me to write down 5 things I am most thankful for about these 3 people.
Alrighty then, here I go.  


  1. Thank you, my wife, for doing everything you can to understand me and help me understand others.
  2. Thank you, my wife, for loving me even through the harder days.
  3. Thank you, my wife, for catching me when I fall and help me back up on my feet, again and again.
  4. Thank you, my wife, for calling companies, writing long letters and supporting me in all my needs.
  5. Thank you, my wife, for loving me, just the way that I am!

Rood hart

OK, on to number two, the best friend for almost 3/5 of my life *next month is our 21st anniversary hihi)!


  1. Thank you, BFF, for loving me, just the way I am!
  2. Thank you, BFF, for trying to learn stuff just so you can understand me better.
  3. Thank you, BFF, for listening when I talk and for even hearing when I am speechless/lost for the right words.
  4. Thank you, BFF, for being just the way you are.
  5. Thank you, BFF, for your understanding, laughs, good times and fun, all in all, for being my friend.


And from the BFF I lead you to the other dear friend. We had 4 witnesses a our wedding, 2 Dutch and 2 English, and these lovely galls were the Dutchies who were asked to sign.

  1. Thank you, dear, for being wiser than many people I know.
  2. Thank you, dear, for understanding me and trying to help me understand when the world looks weird again through my eyes.
  3. Thank you, dear, for not turning away when the going got though.
  4. Thank you, dear, for the lovely and wonderful photos of our wedding day (not to forget a mention of the book you made for us!).
  5. Thank you, dear, for wanting to be my friend.


Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!


~ by Lonely Wallflower on May 5, 2015.

5 Responses to “Magical Relationships, Day #1”

  1. LOL, in the beginning the book is already saying, sometimes you need to read a chapter ahead because you need to start while you’re still in bed and just have opend your eyes. So, sometimes its good to read ahead, to see what’s coming and maybe even find out what you can ben thankfull for what you are not seeing yet right now 😉

    This one, was the hardest for me to do, i still got my three pics here at the laptop, and i am mean…. since there are 5 different ppl on it, like my parents, i have chosen those pics where there are 2 ppl on each, hahahahahaha

    • I have only seen where it tells me to read the next chapter ahead 😉
      I will start on my thankful list soon, was waking up first with some blogs on my reading list…
      Well, if the exercise works, I will later on repeat it myself (if the book won’t ask for it) with pictures of other friends… That is always a possibility, yes? 😁

      • You can use them in your blessings list, be open minded and be creative 😉 You are blessed, because i have… fill in name… in my life 😀

      • Yeah that too! Of course… But I wouldn’t think it fair if they didn’t get their own Magical Relationship post as well. But not now, later… First the new list off ten things to be grateful for…

  2. […] birthdays, the normal food stuff and all. Then late afternoon a dear friend (one who I mentioned a few blogs ago under the BFF) arrives early for the party. She has to travel from afar, so it is better if she can […]

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