Counting my blessings, #5


I know, normally I post about this in the morning. But this morning was kind of hectic and while I did think about people and stuff to be grateful for, I just had no time yet to make the list. In my head, I was already making one, but it wasn’t digitalized yet until now.

One of the comments on day number 4 was more a question. Why I wasn’t happy, for example, about the washing machine. Well, I never really thought about that one, especially since my wife does most of the washing… Hihi. But I still have many blessing days to go, so I might include the washing machine in one of those days. Yeah, she got me, I do like clean clothes!

The reason today was so hectic was because of our dogs’ health. She got a CT-scan today at one place, then on to the next where they placed a drain and now she is like a walking satellite dish receiver…


I think the “dish receiver” is a bit too big for her, so my wife will call the vet in the morning and ask if I can take some centimeters off. It would help her a lot, and us included. She loves to sniff around during her walk, but with this thingie on, she almost trips over the grass… As you can see, there are a few centimeters in front of her nose so maybe… But for now, she tells me what the weather is like in Bagdad, as she can receive it’s forecasts Knipogende emoticon

Ow yeah, before I forget, let me share the list of 10 today:

  1. I am grateful for the vet, who put in a lot of extra efforts so Arwen could get the best help as soon as it was possible.
  2. I am grateful, once more, for my wife, who always puts my interest, and the dogs, ahead of herself so she can help us whenever needed.
  3. I am grateful for painkillers, both the dog and I can sleep a little more comfortable due to their existence (and usage).
  4. I am grateful for electricity, as it makes most of my gadgets work, it allows me to do many lovely things and powers many awesome items.
  5. I am grateful for my camera, Pixlr (photo editing software) and my printer, which help me to remember many good times I had.


  6. I am grateful for World of Warcraft, without it there would have been many hours spend in a totally less fun environment, me thinks. It makes me take my mind of things and just relax in the world of Azeroth.
  7. I am grateful for the people in my life, who know when to give and when to receive, since it is not always in a perfect balance… But as we all know, there are times when one can give and give and at other times, one needs help and one needs to be able to take. To find people who you have a good balance with on the giving and taking… Priceless!
  8. I am grateful for my senses, eyes, ears, touch and all… Even though I do get sensory overloads, without my senses, I guess my life would e less fulfilling as it is now.
  9. I am grateful for books, TV-shows and movies, they take me away when I need it. They show me informative things but also take me into a galaxy, far, far way, and I boldly go where no man has gone before… And I love it! (I wrote a Dutch blog post on my Dutch blog about DVD’s and Blu-rays here.)
  10. I am grateful for the washing machine, because I love to wear clean clothes… Simple as that. Emoticon met brede lach

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you


I found this one online, through Google, an image search for “Happiness”. I tweaked the image a bit to my likings and thought it was a good one to share here. as it is partly in compliance with what I am doing with this book.

So I thought it was a good image to use to end this post. Now I have to read the new day, so I know what lies ahead for me tomorrow.

Be safe, be well, think positive thoughts,
Play Warcraft and make tea, not war Knipogende emoticon

Love, LW Rode roos


~ by Lonely Wallflower on May 7, 2015.

2 Responses to “Counting my blessings, #5”

  1. […] dan nu, na mijn Blessings nummertje 5 post op mijn andere blog en dit stukkie hier: banktijd! Laptop uit en genieten maar (in slaap vallen tijdens de film denk […]

  2. hahahahahaha i was just saying 😛 😉

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