Counting my blessings, #6


This is a quote from chapter 5 from “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne.
Image found through Google, edited by myself through Pixlr.

I know this list should be made when I wake up, but, like yesterday, I did think about it. I had some chores to do before I could really sit down and type my list. Chores that I could not do yesterday, so I wanted to do them early today. And I woke earlier than planned, so I had more time to use.

Did the kitchen, what I could do that is, helped the dog and started on the loo. After this, dusting and vacuuming and then early afternoon, shopping with mum. The last groceries for our birthdays, the normal food stuff and all. Then late afternoon a dear friend (one who I mentioned a few blogs ago under the BFF) arrives early for the party. She has to travel from afar, so it is better if she can arrive early. Then, a short therapy session around six and then… weekend!

I already gave an update on Arwen on my Dutch blog today, and I want to share some words about her here too.



There is still swelling, but the drain gives a lot of stuff, so it is working. She has to wear a cocoon thing, as I shared yesterday. I shortened it a bit, which makes it easier for her to wear. But now, she only wears her scarf, since I am home to supervise.


Since she is peacefully sleeping now, I can make my new blessings list.

  1. I am truly grateful for all the good care for my dog, since I love her to pieces, bits and also every bit of her! Rood hart
  2. I am truly grateful for my mum, thanks to her, my hair will be shorter and the groceries for the birthdays will be done in time.
  3. I am truly grateful for my physical therapy, as my muscles are killing me at the moment, due to all the stress and last minute changes.
  4. I am truly grateful for the money  my wife and I have, as it pays the bills, it feeds us, gives us a roof over our heads, buys the gadgets we love, takes care of our dog… And so on… Geld
  5. I am truly grateful for the help we get offered, as at times we may give in and say we need help, we can’t always be strong. And when we ask for it, we may receive, which is a true blessing.


  6. I am truly grateful for the home appliances which help me do my daily/weekly chores. Without them I would get even less done than I can do now.
  7. I am truly grateful for my car as it gives my wife a ride to work when the weather is too bad for her scooter, and it gives us a means of travel together. It provides us with a little bit of freedom. Auto
  8. I am truly grateful for my health, even though it isn’t all perfect, it could be worse, which it isn’t. I can still enjoy many things life has to offer and I will make the best of it.
  9. I am truly grateful for social media, even though it can make us anti-social, it also helps me connect in ways that are not possible in real life (like face to face) for me. It helps me share, read about others, learn…
    In addition I am grateful for the internet, nothing of he above is possible without internet…
  10. I am truly grateful for my strength to hold on, keep going and not letting it slip… I can start very enthusiastically and then just drop it a few days after. And so far, I am going on, sharing my blessings with all of you.
    The sharing part also gives me strength, as do the positive likes and comments, thanks for that.

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

Thank you for reading, your interest, your support! Your likes and comments really help, they do matter a whole lot to me and I thank you all!

Have a good Friday everyone!!! Make the best of it and see you all again in the weekend!!!


~ by Lonely Wallflower on May 8, 2015.

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