Counting my blessings, #7


Howdy all, I am back. Had a very busy day yesterday. Not too busy to not be grateful, on the contrary, I was very grateful. But too busy to blog about it. So I will use this lovely Sunday to blog about my 7th blessings list.

  1. I am truly grateful for all family and friends who came yesterday to celebrate our birthdays with us. Grateful for their presence, care and also their kindness and gifts.
  2. I am truly grateful for my ex, as right now, our ex dog Chance is sleeping over at our place and I love the extra Labrador cuddles!!!
    (photo of the girls together in December 2014)DSCN7696
  3. I am truly grateful for my taste, as I can enjoy the things I like, experience new flavors to add stuff to my like and dislike lists. I just had a bit of left over cherry pie… Nomnom!
  4. I am truly grateful for the things I have to offer people, like my honest and straight forward opinion, my expertise and my helping hands (though I can’t use them as much as I would like).
  5. I am grateful for my wife as she is still always there for me, in any way needed and possible… Rood hart
  6. I am truly grateful for the help and support I am receiving from friends and family. Without it, the road I need to take would be way harder and much more difficult.
  7. I am truly grateful for my ears and eyes, to enjoy music, sunsets and rises, books, TV and movies, games… To see people I interact with. Just for all the obvious simple things we never stop to think about until we stop…and think about it.
    Sunrise in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, April 2014DSCN7115
  8. I am truly grateful for my legs and feet, as they bring me everywhere I would want to go. It may take time, it may hurt a little, but as long as I get there, I achieved my goal, for which I am truly grateful.
  9. I am truly grateful for our dog, even though she is having a hard time with her drain and all, she still is happy to see me, to comfort me and to enjoy time with me. What an example, what a star. Of course, at this moment, I am also grateful for our ex dog staying over, as she is equally lovely and sweet.
  10. I am truly grateful for gadgets like photo cameras, to be able to capture lovely, beautiful, stunning moments to keep them alive and with you for as long as you need it to be there.
    My grandma and I a long, long time ago. She passed away in November 2006, but this way, she is always with me…Photo0018

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

The chapter of “the Magic” (by Rhonda Byrne) I went through last couldn’t really help me as much as others as it was about work. And since I am not able to work, I did read it with interest, but I can’t really blog anything useful about it (for me) at this moment.
But there might be a time where I can be able to work again and I will look it up again then for sure.

Thanks all for your interest, have a great sunny Sunday and HAPPY MOTHERSDAY to all mums, especially mine Rood hart


Lots of love, LW Rode roos


~ by Lonely Wallflower on May 10, 2015.

4 Responses to “Counting my blessings, #7”

  1. […] drukke dag gehad gister. Nu nog een beetje bijkomen. Net mijn nieuwe “Blessings post” geschreven, ik was er gister niet aan toegekomen, en nu ben ik eigenlijk een beetje […]

  2. The health parts first, a great list if you ask me!

  3. Reading your blessing posts makes my see the beautiful things in live. Things you do not see when you just look, things you have to search for. Thank you for sharing this inside love.

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