Tired but…

…here I am again!

Wow, what a night. Luckily the painkillers I had taken took the edge of my headache away. But still, I could not sleep. I was so busy in my head, the pain didn’t allow me to lay comfortably and I just got my e-reader and was once again happy to have it.


Not my actual reader, image found through Google image search – Kobo Aura HD

Finished the second Harry Dresden series book by Jim Butcher, “Fool Moon“. After that, I started “Grave Peril“, the third book of the same series. But I noticed that I could not concentrate enough, so I decided to give another try to that thing called sleep. No such luck, so I got my reader once more and searched for a new book in another series I was reading. “Milk and Honey“, book three of the Decker and Lazarus series by Faye Kellerman.

Around 5:45, when I read aprox 35% of the book already, I decided I really needed to give the whole sleeping thing another go. I slept for about 2 hours and then my pain already woke me up again.

Good for me that I have a doc’s appointment in the afternoon, cause I know how to deal with my daily dose of pain. But when it keeps exceeding a certain point, it becomes too much to handle. I feel myself changing into someone I don’t know. My sleep is bad, it is not enough or it contains of many nightmares and bathing in sweat. I can’t really feel any happiness, I can’t get excited when someone tells me something that is good and happening in their lives… I just can’t find the energy to feel anything good about it, I can’t even fake it, that is how f*cked up I feel. So I am really hoping the GP will take me seriously and can hopefully help me out. Better pain meds or even a referral to a specialist to get my back checked. Ah well, I will know more at the end of the afternoon.

It really still feels a bit awkward, writing in English again. I do notice it takes me more effort than it used to, so I guess that is also because of my lack of energy and my really frakking headache. But I am trying, I am blogging in English again. I sometimes wish Google translate didn’t suck as much as it does… I could write my original post in Dutch, get it translated and share it here for all non-Dutch reading bloggers. But unfortunately, would I even try to do it, I would surely be committed to a nuthouse or worse, as bad as automatic translation can be…

I am signing off for now, need some breakfast and to recharge my concentration. It’s good to be back in English, hope to be able to continue. Have a nice day y’all and thanks for your interest! Luv, LW wlEmoticon-redrose.png


~ by Lonely Wallflower on February 25, 2016.

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