Sunday, sunny, cold wind, Sunday…


Howdy y’all!

I am back again. It will not be a huge blogpost, as I have just finished a big one on my Dutch blog, about my top 5 (no, 6) favorite TV shows I have watched the first two months of the year. So if you’re interested, click the link. It is in Dutch, but there is always Google translate to mess up what I really wrote 😉The last two nights I did sleep some more, but in many intervals, so I did not get a really rested feeling. The night after the one I did so much reading in was a bad one as well. I did get some more sleep, some less reading, but still. I would almost think I am getting used to feeling tired all the time. But the thing is, I hate it. I have less energy, my concentration sucks and my headaches are taunting me.

I feel kind of bad that I have let you, my English readers, waiting for new blogs for such a long time. I just hate it when I cannot concentrate enough to write in English, or first in Dutch and then another on in English. As mentioned in an earlier blog, if only sits like Google translate worked better, it would be so much easier to blog bilingual without too much energy needed to do so.

We’re still working on finding a house we both love and which we also can afford to buy and really make our own. My health isn’t better either, so that sucks as well.

I wish there was good news to share with you all, but it seems that the good stuff is waiting to make a huge entry and amaze us all (I am ready for it!).

Wishing you all a good Sunday, hope all is well with you all. I am working on blogging more for you guys, but I can’t promise much. Well, I promise I will do my best and some days, that isn’t really good (in my eyes, for my standards). But that is the way life goes, especially with health (mental and psychical) issues… Sometimes I need to be happy with less that I would want. I hope that makes any sense…

Wishing you all the best, thanks for your interest and hope to see you soon again!
Luv, LW wlEmoticon-redrose.png


~ by Lonely Wallflower on February 28, 2016.

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