Howdy y’all! I just wrote a short Dutch blog on this topic and I thought: why not share this with my non-Dutch readers and followers as well?

Sooooooo I too finally joined the world of Spotify. I thought it was a nice way to find out about new music, similar to the artists and songs I was already enjoying. And it works… My wife thought it was interesting as well, so almost one month ahead of our second year wedding anniversary, I got us a Spotify Family account, so we can enjoy it the best way…I already started exploring on making my own playlists, sharing them with other users, hoping people might like them enough to follow them, to listen to them. Currently I am working on 3 playlists, two of them I want to make huge, about 40 hours of music in each! My idea behind it: start the playlist on Monday when starting work and at the end of the week, 40 long working hours later, you hear the end. Never the same song twice and hopefully never boring.

My first playlist is a mix of (heavy) rock and pop music. Some well known, some known and some might be new to listeners. My second playlist is a love mix. The third one will be a shorter one, 20/25 songs, and is made to take with you on the road to somewhere…

Spotify links
Rock ‘n’ Pop all the way
Love unlimited
Burning rubber

Unfortunately there are also songs “missing” in Spotify. I am guessing it is due to music rights… I do hope, when their paying base grows and advertisement money rolls in, those rights can be “bought” as well, to make it the most complete music channel there is. I tried iTunes and all, but it is not meant for me. I need nothing complex, I wanna have it easy haha.

Any tips to a new user? Any songs you think are “missing” in my lists and I should take a listen to, so I could perhaps add them? Wanna follow me??? I am using my FB account on Spotify, I should be found under “Bloem Eenzaam“, my Dutch FB user name (translates into Flower Lonely, as I am Lonely Wallflower).

Thanks for your interest, your comments, tips and time. Hope you will have an amazing weekend!!!

Love, LW wlEmoticon-redrose.png


~ by Lonely Wallflower on March 4, 2016.

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