I wanted to thank all the people who have made my last post such a success. Thanks for the interest, the likes and the comments! It has made me feel good about myself for a while which is a nice change…

I also wanted to sit down in front of the pc and write an awesome Throwback Thursday post. But while looking at the screen, my headache improved. Then I got some news which did nothing if not make my headache worse… Some people, I wish they would think before acting. And that they would ask before doing something and then asking if it is a problem… I know people aren’t on the earth just to please me. But some considering before acting would be nice. Not an afterward thought, not an “Ow yeah… Shit, let’s get that out of the way” kind of thing. Sighs… Takes a painkiller or two…
OK so back to the order of the day… Since I am on my phone now, I don’t have all my pictures with me, just some. So please bear with me and hope you can like it 😄


I am sharing some funny pics I found online a while ago… As I cannot think of something better to share, due to feeling a bit pissed at some people…. Sorry…


I need something to laugh about and am hoping you can laugh with me because of my silly pics.


As said, all images I found online through the years. I do not own any rights in them, besides the right to laugh about them…


These were some of the old pics I downloaded when I saw them online. It doesn’t really feel like a #tbt and I do apologize. But I can’t get my head around it to something else. Because of previously mentioned situation, my mind is making lots of loops and speed runs and breaks… Sigh… Some people… Sigh some more…

Hope you are having a much better day than me and hope you enjoyed the few funny pics I was able to share.

Thanks for your interest and see you at the blogs! Luv, LW 🌷

~ by Lonely Wallflower on April 14, 2016.

5 Responses to “#tbt”

  1. Grappige prentjes! Ik hoop dat je je wat beter voelt.☺

  2. Wat een schattige afbeeldingen! Hopelijk zit je snel weer wat beter in je vel. πŸ™‚

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