Some happy moments


Marina is best known as the Counselor in Star Trek: the Next Generation, last seen in NCIS as head of the Mossad

After many bad things happening, last weekend brought some good things as well. I am physically exhausted, all muscles hurt, my Tinnitus is whistling happy but… It was worth it!

Went to FedCon in Germany, which is possible thanks to the care of my wife and us getting a disability pass at the convention. It lets me skip long queues, gives me an aisle seat and provides some rest in an otherwise too overwhelming surrounding.

During the convention we met up with friends, most of them we only see once a year for those convention days, we made new friends, barely slept and laughed our asses off (if only that was a real thing happening).

To give you an idea of a talk at FedCon, and the way Marina Sirtis (here with Wil Weaton) is on stage… I will give you a short video. The © are by FedCon, but since it is an old and short (1:11) part (FedCon XX – 2011), I am hoping they won’t mind if I share it. Plus, I am in it, well, sort of hahaha!

During the guest talks Marina Sirtis commented that she once had a fan come up to thank her for being forward and open. He had (I guess still has) Asperger’s and she was so good to follow… While she said that, my head was like a doggy on a dashboard, going “bump bump bump” while eagerly nodding in agreement. At the after party on Monday evening I got the chance to say how I totally agree! How she makes sense and gives me tummy aches from laughing. She gave me a high five, a huge hug and I felt super happy! So it felt only good to later send out this tweet about her.


Terry Farrell, best known for her role in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as the Trill Jadzia Dax, now working on Renegades

Immediately afterwards Terry Farrell passed me by. My wife admires her so much and wanted to ask a question. But she could not do it during the Q&A, so I also asked Terry if she had a sec (as it had worked with Marina). She did and I explained the situation. She asked me what the question was, but again, if my wife wanted to know, it was hers to ask. So she went up to my wife (who started to shake like a leaf in the wind) and she got her answer. We both got hugs and then Terry said my wife should be happy with a wife like me. Instead of saying thanks I blurted out “I am only the wife, you’re her idol, I could never live up to you”. Which brought a small tear in Terry’s eye and got me some more hugs! So it also felt fair that I should express my gratitude for it.

FedCon, we also call it FriendCon. We meet with friends, sometimes getting some rare chances in talking to some of the guests. And when the guest brings along someone who is less recognized, but is also an important person, you might get some more chatting time!

We went up for the autograph line of George Takei. I had his autobiography and my wife had our picture with George. Just before, at the photo shoot, I had seen and greeted George’s husband, Brad, who is also on Facebook. Brad was happy and surprised, since George is always in the spotlight so gets most recognized. After getting our autograph, we ended up chatting with Brad for about 10 minutes. What a delightful man, great conversation and he told me I was funny *blush*. And, we got an awesome picture in the end.


This is just a small bit of the happenings at FedCon, but it is all I am able to share for now, as I am still so tired and beat from it all.

Thanks for your interest and hopefully more to blog soon! Thanks for your interest and hope to see you soon again! Until then, ta-ta for now my dear friends!

Love, LW wlEmoticon-redrose.png

~ by Lonely Wallflower on May 20, 2016.

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  1. Heerlijk om te lezen. Je enthousiasme straalt er vanaf. Ik ben blij voor je!

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