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Howdy peeps,

today I finally managed to write a (small) blog again on my Dutch site. Intererested? OK, let’s make it easy for you, just click here and this link will take you there! You’re welcome 😉

For those who can’t read Dutch and don’t really trust the Google translation function, I am planning on writing a bit of the same, and a bit differently in this blog. So you may not have to miss out on all of it, if you keep on reading. Take a cup of tea, coffee, maybe a soda or, when needed, something stronger :-p haha. And relax, let me take you on a musical ride, sort of, maybe, just a bit!

Today I got an idea, well, it was very early in this first day of June, about 3 AM and I was awake again… Stupid back was killing me once more, and then I got this idea. With the ADHD I often get them, and start excitedly and then, after a while, I totally fail at it because I got so many more other ideas and well… *mind drifts off*. But I like many forms of music. I like discovering new music. I like making mixes, playlists and all, not only for me, but for others as well.

I already have some simple playlists on Spotify, but not many people that find it and follow. So, I wanted to try something new, something that would be exploring and discovering, for both me and others. I want to make a weekly playlist, preferable every Wednesday, in which I chose 25 songs. Some well known, some new (for me, maybe it’s the other way around for you… who knows?!), and this way, I get to work with music, which I always have loved.

So this afternoon I shared my first “Discover my Weekly 25”. When next week arrives, I want to create the “Golden Oldies Weeks” in which I will put all the previously used songs. This way, I will always know if I already shared a song or not. And I can always find old songs, which I liked, back. Soooooo….. If you are curious, here it is!!!

My FIRST  weekly 25. Hopefully, not my last….

And tomorrow I will be picking up my new headset and I do hope it does all it’s promised (and maybe a bit more?). It’s a noise canceling version, which I read many good and positive things about. I have issues with filtering out incentives, I just can’t do it. It all comes at me, whether I want to or not… My wife often asks me why I notice things and all I can answer is “I just do”. Those incentives can really drain me from that little bit of evergy that I have, which at times is very precious to me. Because of my Tinnitus I am not able to just use noice canceling earplugs, as they increase the beeping sound in my ears, making me focus on it constantly, so I need music, to drown out the beeping sound. And when I read in a Tinnitus group on FaceBook about the positive effects they had with this system… I got very curious. And then I saw the prices and needed to really read more, because they aren’t cheap for sure!


Bose Quiet Comfort 20 white

I read more and more. Reviews on many different sites. My wife got in touch with a co-worker who also uses it and he was really excited about it, telling her how good it is for many things, things I am coping with as well. So well, my next research would be where to buy it for the least amount of Euro’s. The cheapest I could find them in the Netherlands was for € 299,- in a various amount of stores. We were in Oberhausen last Friday and there is a Bose store there, where they also asked for that price. But, I had seen that the German Saturn stores had them online for €249 (white) and €269 (black). I have been using white headsets for ages, so that minus €50 was a nice welcome. My dad ordered them, as I could not get the site to work for/with me, and tomorrow, I can pick them up. As the store is in the city where my mum and I always do our Thursday grocery shopping, we don’t have to drive a lot extra, keeping the price down. Interested in this system? Lemme give you a link to the official Bose site, link there you go! They have different versions, for Android and iOS controls… So if you wish to buy one to use with your phone/tablet, be aware of ordering the right type. If I find the energy and time, and if I don’t forget, I will share my experiences with these earbuds after using them for a while. I have read some negative things about the cable to your phone being too short to where the noise cancelation system is. So I will check if they also sell those headphone cable extenders. My wife has one I could use… The little joker, that cable is 10 meters!!!! A little too much to put in your pocket haha. So no, I am trying to find one just a bit shorter than that. And while writing this, I do believe I must have one somewhere somehow… Hmm, the mind works in mysterious ways.

But for me, music is very important. It can move me, help me relax, help me in so many ways. Wherever I go, I am taking certain songs with me, mostly on my phone, so when needed (and where possible) I can plug in my headset and tune out all that is needed. And with this Bose system, it should be easier to do. Also, because it filters the noise around you, I expect that I can keep the volume down more, so when people are around, I will not bother them with my music.

Do you have a song that can help you to enter a better state of mind when needed? That helps you through hard times, that makes you happy? Do you always take these songs along where ever you go, just in case? Owww my ADHD is kicking in, my mind goes too fast, my fingers can’t keep up, so I am getting frustrated with myself for all the f*cking typos I am making… I guess it is time to leave y’all for now. I do want to share another song, the lastest release of Roxette’s upcoming album “Good Karma”. I hope all Spotify links work, as a friend in the USA told me he could not listen to the new Roxette song. In Europe, their new album will be released on June 3rd (*excited!!!*). Hopefully people in the States can enjoy it through streaming services soon then as well…

Thanks for your interest, looking forward to your comments and all likes are very much appreciated! Have a good day, evening, night, time… Hope to see you at my next post or maybe you’ll see me at yours 😉

Luv, LW wlEmoticon-redrose.png

~ by Lonely Wallflower on June 1, 2016.

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