Wow, so quiet…


Yesterday I bought the Bose headset I told you about earlier. I charged it and used it a bit at home. But now, I have taken it with me to do my grocery shopping and walk with the dogs. It is still early to write a whole review, but I must admit, I have been surprised with the quality already!

The store, any store actually, can be quite overwhelming at times. Many people, often music through a sound system, sounds of shopping carts, sounds from the fridges and freezers… I knew it always has many different sounds, which together, can be a lot of noise. Especially for someone with Tinnitus and AS, I cannot filter it and it can make me avoid the store, especially during the most busy times.

I plugged in the headset and started a Spotify playlist. When walking on the streets, you have to be careful as the system also filters any sounds that can work as a warning. But the headset also works without the noise filter, so when needed, you can still hear the surroundings better. There is also an aware mode button, which can increase some warning sounds, so that is another option of being safe on the street. I would not recommend the noise cancelling filter when riding a bike, car or another vehicle, as not hearing your surroundings can be dangerous.

When I entered the store, there were people chatting near the entrance. Without needing to increase my volume, I could barely hear them and still enjoy my music. I even lowered the volume a bit, since I was in a store and did not want to bother people with my music.

When I neared the cashier, I paused the music. It was still nice and quiet. Then I unplugged the ear buds and wow! What a noise! After paying and leaving the store, I quickly put the buds back in. Again, wow, it really works! Of course, it’s just a one time tryout so far, but I did want to share it with you all. To be continued!

Do you use a noise cancelling headset? If yes, which one and what are your experiences?

Thanks for your interest, looking forward to your comments and likes are always welcome 😊

With luv, LW 🌷


~ by Lonely Wallflower on June 3, 2016.

2 Responses to “Wow, so quiet…”

  1. Wat fijn dat t voor jou werkt. Ik ben heel schrikachtig dus ik wil alles om me heen juist wel horen om controle te houden ofzo. Nadeel is inderdaad dat veel geluid te veel is, maar met koptelefoon vind ik nog erger.

    Wel bijzonder dat al die functies er op zitten, goed over nagedacht.

    • Bedankt voor je reactie! Ja, tot nu toe bevalt het goed. In het verkeer let ik, zoals ik al schreef, ook graag op. Maar in omstandigheden zoals een winkel, dan ben ik liever meer afgezonderd, haal ik wat ik moet halen en ben ik graag weer weg. Alle prikkels die van op me af komen kosten me veel energie. En die besteed ik liever aan leukere dingen 😊maar dit is pas de eerste test dus… Wordt nog vervolgd 😁
      En ja, er is zeker goed over nagedacht. Er zijn wel twee dingen die ik iets anders had gemaakt, het snoertje van de foon naar de accu wat langer en het opberghoesje net wat groter, nu is het lichtelijk forceren, wat niet ten goede zal komen van de kabel. Of misschien moet ik er nog iets meer handigheid in krijgen…
      Fijn weekend! 🌷

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