Practice makes…

…perfect 👌?

“They” do say that, every once in a while and sometimes several times a day. But does it really make things perfect, or will you merely be getting better to a certain extent? As what can be perfect for me, can be too much, or too little, for someone else. It’s all in the eye of the beholder, “they” say.

Well, I practice a lot lately. You guessed it, the hand and thumb 👍 coordination and all. Making my fingers move again, making my thumb my own again.

And I can assure you that it still frakking hurts. I still need some extra painkillers to be able to sleep. The muscles in my arm, wrist and hand are so incredibly sore, they hurt me most. Well, that and bending my thumb downwards. I shared a gif file in a previous post and I made a new one just now. I almost drop the phone in the beginning, but can’t redo it cause it hurts too much now. So hope you can forgive the clumsiness.

Gif file of my hand practice, August 10th.

I knew it would be sensitive for a long time. I knew there would be pain. But I was not prepared for this, to be honest. It’s more inconvenient and painful than I had imagined (or maybe also hoped). And the thumb is less useful (now) than I thought it would be.

“Luckily” I’m not a stranger to pain, so I kinda know how to deal with it. But my own physical therapist is enjoying his holiday, so I am missing his sessions a lot! The hand therapist I have, I don’t feel very comfortable with. Might be me, as I have great difficulty connecting with people. But today I’ll ask for another Saturday session so my wife can join and see if it’s me or her… And if it’s not me, I’ll move my hand away from the so called specialist and run towards my own therapist. As I have more faith in him than in her at this moment.

Practice makes perfect. It has also worn me out. So now, I will try to sleep.

Thanks for reading! Have an awesome day and practice what ever you wish to achieve 😄


~ by Lonely Wallflower on August 10, 2017.

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