Sensitive skin

More like sensitive skin, eyes, ears… Loads of sensitive parts that sometimes enhance my abilities, but often make daily life more difficult.

I have noticed that my sensitivity gets worse when I feel worse as well. When I feel OK, or as OK as I can be, I can deal with loads of things for a prolonged amount of time. When I feel like I need to hide indoors and can’t cope with anyone, it’s also harder to deal with anything, like sounds, smells, touching.

Lately my skin has been very sensitive. Partly due to me needing more painkillers, as my hand still hurts enough to bother me. But also partly because I feel like sh*t. I try to hide it, I try to make appointments for fun things to do with people I trust. But the news of my hand/thumb not being able to fully recover… That hurt me a lot, like I wrote about in my previous post.

Panic Kermit the Frog

My skin is so sensitive, I would like to wear soft pyjama’s all day. I haven’t been able to wear jeans in a few years as it is not comfortable against the skin. I’ve been wearing jogging pants, comfy t-shirts and some special sports trousers when it needs to look good and less shabby than my usual outfit.

I know, as I just mentioned, it can make me look like “trailer trash” (not my wording, but heard someone say that about me behind my back during a time I was in an argument with that person). But I always have my underwear where it should be, under my pants. I always try to find decent pants that have a good shape, as I can’t handle too sloppy either (it flaps and that bugs me).

Baloo from Jungle Book, scratching his back with a tree.

I have been cutting out labels from shirts and pants for ages. They scratch, itch and make a shirt (or pants) so irritating to wear. I love it when companies print their washing instructions in the inside of the shirt (or pants) instead of sowing it in on a label.

When I feel bad/stressed, my internal thermostat is also disfunctional, with heat flares and chills alternating through my body. That also doesn’t help my skin feel any better…

As I wrote in the last post, I’ve been trying to train my thumb. Not only with play-doh, but also with trying to game on the Playstation again. This weekend I’ve been playing several LEGO games with my wife, as they are awesome to play together. Although at times also a bit annoying, but mostly the fun rules!


We’ve been busy on the Playstation 4, we played Harry Potter (years 1-4, finished the first year!), the Hobbit (we have just arrived at the Elves), Star Wars: The Force Awakens (we just took the Millennium Falcon while fleeing from the Troopers) and last but not least, Jurassic Parc (we just saved the boy from the car that was pushed into a tree). So we’ve been keeping very busy, which is a good thing as it keeps my mind of other things and I use my thumb in all different directions.

When I play alone, last few days I’ve been working on my seasonal Diablo 3 character, as I wanna get the gear set and the pet. Am in chapter 4, 6/12, for those who play. But I need to level the paragons and get better gear to get to torment 4…ah well, it keeps me busy.

DS9 Quark

Hehe that maybe too. Slowly getting closer towards our week of vacation, a week at Center Parcs Bostalsee, Germany, looking forward to it so much. I really need the get away, the change of daily routine and some relaxing time with my wife. We’ve earned it, or at least I like to think so.

Even though it’s not that hot in my attic room this evening (23°C), I still need the ventilator. I tried to leave it off when it was 22°C and I woke up bathing in sweat. I still sweat with the ventilator, but it’s a lot less, which is better for my skin

Donkey with an itch, scratching through fence wires.

Ah well, time to read a bit and hopefully get my head calm enough so I can fall asleep.

Thanks again for your interest and have an awesome day! You’re worth it!

LEGO Dwarves from the Hobbit game

~ by Lonely Wallflower on August 22, 2017.

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