My eyelids are so heavy
They’re slowly falling down
I fight to keep them open
It’s in my sleep I drown

I feel to frigging tired
But I can’t handle sleep
My head it’s faulty wired
When I go I dig in deep

I can’t follow your musings
Can’t understand the ways
Not seeing through your eyes
It’s not the way she says

Where you see a spectrum of colors
Somewhere in that spectrum is me
But I can’t look around freely
As it’s black and white that I see

There is no working filter
To what reaches my brain
If a NT would experience this
(S)he would probably go insane

So many flares rush through you
You need to find the best
The ones worth interacting with
The rest should become the past

But unfortunately they tend to stick
Until you have spend some time
And then it may be time to kick
Them out of your overflowing mind

I really do feel tired
Even if I sleep a long time
It’s like my brain never rests
Like my thoughts are covered in grime

I need to get my thoughts silenced
Just long enough to fall asleep
I wish there was a magic pill
Oh yeah, I would dive in deep!

Just to get some rest
Even for a little while
I know I could use it
I know I would wake with a smile


©Lonely Wallflower, September 2017

~ by Lonely Wallflower on September 19, 2017.

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