Question and answer pt. 1

Does it help me to still see my ex on a regular basis?

It helps me a lot to see my ex to be honest. As I’m trying to work on a better me, learning to cope with my difficulties, and I can ask her about her issues with my problems. As my autism related issues caused her to wish for a divorce. I can show her I’m working on it, I’m willing to learn, to be educated and to use any new knowledge. I really want to tackle the meltdowns. I really want to show her that she still means so much to me, that she can see I’m not just sobbing in a corner, promising change but not doing anything. I hope she can see my work, my efforts and eventually, that she can see me and my hard work (and hopefully paying it all off with me changing and hopefully getting her back).

Currently reading chapter six “Enjoying life with Asperger’s Syndrome” of the “Asperger’s Syndrome for Dummies” (UK edition) book. It is about learning more about yourself and also about the sensory overload meltdowns. And those meltdowns I need to tackle, they are my nemesis.

A funny image to lighten this difficult topic.

~ by Lonely Wallflower on August 12, 2018.

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