About password protected posts

Security Locks

I know this blog is already anonymous. But that does not mean that at times, I write posts which are not meant to be easily read by everyone who happens to stumble upon my blog. There is a way to be able to read my posts and that is by requesting the password through an email.

I will then decide whether to send you the password, or not. I will reply to you for sure. That is, if you send me a serious email and no Spam stuff. I am NOT interested in receiving weird emails so please respect my privacy and also respect my email address.

To keep things simple, I will only use one password for all protected posts. If for any reason I decide to change that, I will have your e-mail addresses from the requests and I will inform you using those.


3 Responses to “About password protected posts”

  1. Hi,I enjoy your blog and would like to be able to read all of your posts.
    Here is a little info about me.At age 30 I was diagonsed with BPD (w/narcissistic and histornic tendencies)and PTSD.Then at age 47 I had a breakdown and was diagnosed with Bipolar and ADHD.
    Recently mY darling 10yo grandson was diagnosed with Bipolar and possible ODD.So as you can see I have a real interest in mental health.
    Thank you for your consideration,

  2. […] intentions. It will be password protected when it finally hits this blog site, so please follow this link if you wish to obtain the […]

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