A new “Discover my Weekly 25”

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YESSSSSS! It is Wednesday. Halfway through the working week, for those who work Mondays till Fridays. We’re getting closer to all the TGIF posts 😉 And it’s time for a new Spotify list, a new Discover my Weekly 25!

I did my best to include a new variety of songs for you to enjoy this new week.

Because I want to give you new songs each and every week, the ones I “used” in the previous weeks will all go into a new playlist: Weekly 25 Oldies. So if you forgot to save a song I previously used, just check that playlist and find it!

Of course, I will share the playlist as well as the link, I would not be me otherwise 😉

I do hope you will enjoy these songs!

Did you check the list out and you liked it? Please give it a follow on Spotify, thanks! Did you discover a new (or old but new to you) song thanks to the playlist? Please let me know in the comments. I am very curious… And looking forward to “welcoming” you as a follower on Spotify 😉

Please enjoy the new start of the Discover my Weekly 25 playlist! Thanks for your visit, your interest and your follow/like/comment 🙂

Wishing you all the best and hope to see you soon again, with luv, LW wlEmoticon-redrose.png

You never really learn

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Pain, living with it every day of your life. People easily say that you will get used to it. But that is not totally true, in my opinion. You have to learn to live with it, because there is only one other option and that is the non returnable one… If you can’t deal, can’t cope, can’t manage and when you only see one way out… I have to admit, my mind did wander there, on several occasions even, and I am not ashamed to write about it. But for those who have difficulty with it, this is a warning. Even now I have an idea of what I wish to write about, about what this blog should include, but sometimes my mind wanders and goes of the desired path. I want to warn you that if you can’t deal with the topic of pain, depression and even suicidal thoughts and actions, if you are triggered by this, then please do not read on. If you are interested, then please, by all means, read on.

Just know this is a personal blog, with my experiences, feelings and thoughts. If you are having difficulty dealing with personal things, if you are dealing with your own suicidal thoughts, please find help! My blog cannot reach out in any way, I can only ask you to find help. Google for it when you aren’t sure where to get the help needed. Please I urge you, when you need it, find help. There is nothing bad about not knowing how to cope, about having bad feelings, as long as you also know that there is no need for any shame to ask for help. Thank you for caring about yourself! And thank you for reading my blog.

Below the “read more”, it will get even more serious, even though I will try not to let it weigh us down. Continue reading ‘You never really learn’

Wow, so quiet…

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Yesterday I bought the Bose headset I told you about earlier. I charged it and used it a bit at home. But now, I have taken it with me to do my grocery shopping and walk with the dogs. It is still early to write a whole review, but I must admit, I have been surprised with the quality already!
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Discover my weekly 25

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Howdy peeps,

today I finally managed to write a (small) blog again on my Dutch site. Intererested? OK, let’s make it easy for you, just click here and this link will take you there! You’re welcome 😉

For those who can’t read Dutch and don’t really trust the Google translation function, I am planning on writing a bit of the same, and a bit differently in this blog. So you may not have to miss out on all of it, if you keep on reading. Take a cup of tea, coffee, maybe a soda or, when needed, something stronger :-p haha. And relax, let me take you on a musical ride, sort of, maybe, just a bit!

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I have been called many things, many times, all sorts of nasty things. But I honestly can’t remember a single time I’ve been seriously called lazy. Of course, when joking around when there were not too funny chores around and all, yeah, there have been ways I’ve tried to make myself scarce. But when the time came, I did what I needed to do.

Several of my illnesses, my “disabilities”, my chronic pain givers, have no real reason of why one gets it… And several of them cannot be simply “be seen” / measured by a blood test. No one can hear my 24/7 beeping ears. There is no test that exclusively tells someone that I indeed suffer from Fibromyalgia. So according to the company where, amongst others, work the state’s doctors (UWV), I could be “faking” and just be lazy…


What they supposedly think I am doing all day…

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Some happy moments

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Marina is best known as the Counselor in Star Trek: the Next Generation, last seen in NCIS as head of the Mossad

After many bad things happening, last weekend brought some good things as well. I am physically exhausted, all muscles hurt, my Tinnitus is whistling happy but… It was worth it!

Went to FedCon in Germany, which is possible thanks to the care of my wife and us getting a disability pass at the convention. It lets me skip long queues, gives me an aisle seat and provides some rest in an otherwise too overwhelming surrounding.
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What my name means

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No #tbt today, unfortunately… Not enough concentration to handle it. I found some info on a site, about my first name. I will leave that info out, but share with you all the rest…. I will not offer you my opinion about it, not yet. First I ask you to comment on what you think about it, based on what you know about me by reading my blog….

Your name <deleted for privacy> has developed traits of independence and positivity. You desire to assume a leadership role where you can organize projects and be responsible for the systematic flow of work. This name makes you very matter-of-fact, materialistic, and practical, but extremely capable, efficient, self-confident, and decisive. You will not tolerate dominance by others, nor do you appreciate having your independence curtailed. Being organized is important to you and you would expect this same quality from others who work with you. You could be demanding and shrewd in money matters. If someone owes you money, you appreciate being paid back promptly and in full, and yet you can be very generous when you see the need. To be successful, to have a good standard of living, and to be a good provider are important to you, and are a reflection of your ambitious, aggressive qualities. You would neglect home duties at times to ensure success in your business enterprises.

You are quite strong-willed, and do not readily change your opinions. It is difficult for you to bend your will to others. Misunderstanding with others have occurred when they have regarded you to be forceful, unsympathetic, and self-centred. You tend to be focused on whatever you are doing and undaunted by obstacles. You use originality and ingenuity to accomplish your projects and you do enjoy a challenge.

You are matter-of-fact and very candid in your expression. It is not easy for you to express emotional sentiments and compliments that mean so much to sensitive, idealistic people. It makes you feel awkward and embarrassed. You know what is expected, but the words do not come easily. You try to avoid those situations and thus the impression is left with others that you seem too prosaic and unfeeling. Others can feel somewhat intimidated by your authoritative, confident manner at times.

Unless they are a part of your background, you tend not to be particularly interested in the arts or music for their aesthetic value; but if drawn into these fields, you would contemplate commercializing your talents or you would consider how they could be turned into a lucrative business. Even when you were a youngster, your thoughts turned to making money. It is important that you guard against schemes that are for increasing profit at the expense of others in some way.

You often think about how you could promote the talents of others. You are loyal in friendships, not easily influenced by the opinions or actions of others. You are dependable and unchangeable once you have reached your decisions and committed yourself. You do not tend to be a temperamental nature and can handle a great deal of responsibility.

Tension and stress affect the senses of the head such as the eyes; headaches, sinus problems, or generative troubles could arise.

VERY curious to your opinions about this. Maybe you could use the site on your own name, does it’s text sound like you based on your first name???

Just curious… Sorry about not having a Throwback Thursday today. Hope all is well! See you on the blogosphere! Luv, LW wlEmoticon-redrose.png

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